Because it's a magazine, Shop Local Yuma magazine is treated like one.  Consumers return to it and read it repeatedly.  In fact, its shelf lasts 6-8 weeks in the home.  That gives your message repeat exposure and more time to generate responses.  Couple that with a digital advertising campaign and you can sustain the relationship with your customers in between printings.

Each edition of Shop Local Yuma features a beautiful, professionally designed ads cover to cover.  They attract the consumers in, make the sale, activate the desired action and results.  And they're made more effective  by our distinctive, easy-to-use digest style magazine format.  Our digest style format and direct-mail delivery mechanism give your message the impact of a solo mailer.  In a nutshell, Shop Local Yuma Magazine delivers high impact advertising for pennies per household.  And more importantly, delivers great value to consumers.  Contact us at (928) 261-5189 to get your business on the next issue of Shop Local Yuma Magazine. Yuma's Premier Savings Magazine!